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Originally Posted by City Of Trees View Post
What they really should have done is make the extension meet up with Irene Street and just have one signal at that part of State Street instead of two. Unfortunately, it would have cost more in ROW acquisition. The funny thing is that ACHD would be condemning ITD land. How would that work?
Irene? The extension should have aligned with 32nd instead of 31st. 32nd is already a collector and it would have solved the snafu with those skinny houses at the south end of Rose St. Yes they would have had to condemn ITD property, who knows why they didn't even try that route. Politics? ACHD stepping on ITD's turf, literally?

The rumor is that those warehouses off the end of Rose St are the overflow storage for the Idaho History Archives. There's some valuable stuff in there and no good place to move it to.
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