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Originally Posted by BnaBreaker View Post
What, so because they aren't teeming with expendable cash, they aren't allowed to have nice things or build classy structures once in awhile? I agree that the half a mile tall skyscrapers are ridiculous overkill and will probably never get used, but Cairo hasn't has a new skyscraper in years, and I'm sure this will get put to good use. Cairo has more citizens with money than you probably realize.

Cairo is not a dump. It's a beautiful city, with an unbelievably rich history, and this is a beautiful building that the city deserves.
It's a beautiful city in terms of history and architecture (especially old Cairo) but not in terms of livability or the kind of beauty that one really appreciates when one lives there (the beauty that goes beyond the physical built environment). It needs to clean itself up a little. Beautiful cities are rarely as dirty or clogged as Cairo and they have a lot of problems with pollution and outdated emission standards.
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