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I think we all understand what it takes to move conferences. And Boise State has, and continues, to grow by leaps and bounds. Most forget that BSU was a 1-AA divisional small university, what, 15 years ago or so. So just the fact that they are being held in conversation such as this shows how far they have came. However, I would not go as far as to say that Boise State is begging to get into the MWC.

The WAC is a weak alignment. I think even BSU fans can admit that. It may not provide multiple ranked teams at any given time, but on the contrary, it has had teams in the ranked system for many years now. From Fresno to Hawaii to Boise State. And sure, we may have been soft in our bowl game records lately, but in my opinion we really won the one that mattered. And that game alone helped propel the Broncos into a household name, which, also carries over into recruiting.

And besides, WAC or not, it is never easy to dominate a division and go undefeated on a consistent basis. The term any given "sunday" still applies to the college ranks. To me, it just shows how much ahead of the curve we really are.
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