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Originally Posted by Boiseguy View Post
I never once have said anything is fact... I've only expressed my opinion
sports wise boise state has a good program... comparable to anything in the pac-10 IN MY OPINION...
you are the one bringing the academics into it.. and that very well is the case, but bsu did not get into the MWC because of academics.. so please be careful what you're saying as well...
You're misunderstanding my origional post... its about getting into a schedule that's more challenging for our football team... MWC hasn't proven itself really that challenging to bsu... MWC would only benefit from having bsu.. everyone knows that...

As for the research levels.. East2West hit the nail on the head.. its about reputation and even more so money and funding... boise state is a relatively newer institution.... that is comparible in size to any other regional university..
I'm origionally from Washington state.. and I know that there isn't anything more ground breaking in research that's light years ahead of boise state happening at WSU ... it's all about the establishment.. nothing more...
Boise state is and has been recently pulling much of the academic resources of the state to it's campus.... and you will see the result in the next 5-10 years... The only draw back is boise state can't re-write its history.. because it was technically just a simple jr college 30 years ago...

What looks sloppy is you disappearing from the message boards only to return when something utah/boise/idaho related is brought up...

And BSU wouldn't benefit from playing ranked teams in Conference and OOC, a higher SOS, higher revenues from Bowls, TV Contracts, better competition in Basketball and other sports, etc? BSU wouldn't benefit from being in a much more respected conference, one that has a firmer financial situation, offers better competition, and recruits better despite the fact that ESPN doesn't carry MWC home games?

Boise State is rapidly transforming their academic and athletic programs before our very eyes in the crappy situation they stuck in with the WAC. Imagine what we could do with even more money and a fairly possible AQ bid if we were to join the MWC. The MWC is not over-hyped, and I'm fairly sure that the MWC would offer competition in all sports that is light years ahead of anything the WAC could muster.

Besides even though its all about "prestige" I'm pretty sure average GPA of incoming students, retention percentage, the amount of money granted to the school for research, and doctorate-level programs might have something to do with it, and right now we don't even stack up to the MWC, let alone the PAC-10. We are improving, and the further away we can get from the "BJC" legacy the more it will. The first two will improve themselves over time due to the spinning off of community college programs to CWI.

Now, enough about this, lets discuss some football.
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