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Originally Posted by Boiseguy View Post
no just seems a bad year for a mwc team is justifiable.. when a bad year for bsu is not...
fact of the matter is.. the mountain west is seeking respect... and well you lose all your gains from the previous year when your last years conference champ loses out to oregon.. and your other conference heavyweight loses to an unranked team all in the same weekend...
Perhaps we should ask TCU their opinion on the matter?

Wow, it seems you have a real bone to pick with the MWC.. I like BSU as a program and wouldn't mind seeing them in the MWC...

And to BSU's credit, they are very consistent although, I think being in the WAC helps them "rebuild" easier than other conferences.

Utah has won two BCS Bowls in the last 5 years, they don't need to answer any questions, they caused BSU to stay home twice..

Most Ute fans knew this year would be a growing year.. Don't be too shocked if Utah still wins 9-10 games...

It's a good thing the CFB season is 12-13 weeks and not just one.. Maybe the conference is not doomed quite yet?

Have you seen the overall conference rankings from the sites in the BCS formula? Not looking too bad..

If you really want to know what TCU fans think, I can point you to the direction of many...

Like me, they might question some of your numbers though..
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