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Originally Posted by utenation View Post
Not every article is right just because it's printed..

It's actually 10-1... TCU 2003 was in CUSA. BSU beat Utah in 1998 when they were in the WAC... The record is impressive but when you look deeper, they mostly beat bad MWC teams. Hardly a domination of the cream of our conference. BYU under Crowton was a pretty bad program and Utah 2006 was pretty average.. Perhaps their best win was over a 1999 Co-Champ Utah team that shared the title three ways...

I think TCU on a neutral field in 2008 is a great example of how both the top of both conferences compare in today's world, don't you think?
lol... so now you're going to ride the heals of TCU to prove a point for your conference when you know as well as I do that if bsu was in the MWC they'd be in the top tier of your conference consistently....
it's still an impressive record against your conference.. you can't downplay that with YOUR opinion as you've accused me of doing.. you just can't...but it's interesting to watch you do it..

utah bad year this.. byu bad year that..
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