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Originally Posted by Boiseguy View Post
I understand all this... idaho has issues with the university system..
I don't have a problem with your opinion of wanting to go to the P10, but your information of where BSU is at currently as a research school is completely off in the standards and most definitely for the P10.

There are only a few non P10 western schools that fit the P10 academic profile, Utah is one.. Check plenty of info on what the P10 claims is their standard and you will clearly see this...

Bob Kustra has been begging to get into the MWC and a few years ago, BSU's academic profile was questionable for MWC standards. Now that they have shed the community college image, they might be closer to that standard but certainly not P10 worthy..

I just find it ironic that you would claim a conference your president wants to get into is over-hyped...

I respect Kustra but clearly you don't know what direction your program wants to go at this point...

I won't hold these things against you but when you try to portray your opinion as fact, it looks sloppy...
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