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Originally Posted by East2Westback View Post
Research universities take time to evolve a real credibility. Utah has accolades and awards for many years well before the 90's...80's.

The investment made into Utah is pretty staggering and you will not go to any appraisal of research universities where Utah is not in the very upper part.

I agree that BSU has a fine football program and I have long championed you for the MWC. I am personally not the biggest MWC fan but it always has at least 4 teams that kick a**...rarely more. In truth, I would like to see BSU and Fresno State for sure.

Uhhhh... we have not been in 2006 for 3 years. Utah went through a growing
period that resulted in the Sugar Bowl beat down with Alabama.

Utah is in much the same situation as 2006. Many new faces including the QB.
I like your QB. Tough and talented. I am pretty much always impressed by you guys. Utah, as far as athletic programs go, has many serious teams in various sports.
I understand all this... idaho has issues with the university system..
where our population is a bit disconnected.. even worse when the university system was founded.
Boise was the capital and therefore the other two regions (north) (east) got the universities...
As boise grew a junior college what is now boise state was founded and has now grown into the largest institution in the state because the population base is here..
So while the resources of the state are long standing, the namesake of boise state is very new and lacks historical significance...Those resources are very much one of the same now... just a matter of which banner it's under. There's been talk of just having ONE idaho university in the same manner UC is structured... who knows what will eventually happen though
Granted, the law school in Moscow is bringing its resources to boise already, and there has been talk about a medical school as well being incorporated into BSU or ISU boise campus... it really is a mess though
There is a fight over which school and which city should have these resources....
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