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Originally Posted by utenation View Post
You sure about that record Hoss? I'll give you a couple of clues. The MWC was formed in 1999 and TCU didn't join the MWC until 2005..

Get back to me on that record.. BTW, the combined record of the MWC teams BSU has beat is 44%... Nothing to brag about. You lost to our second place team last year as the WAC champ.

BTW, the P10 is all about being a research university conference.. BSU doesn't make the grade..
I would agree with this if it were still 1995...
but boise state actually has quite a bit of research going on at it's university.. and could hold its own with making the grade...
Boise state is blowing up with new academic programs and facilities for them... I think boise state's breast cancer research could hold a candle to wsu's soy bean agriculture research... I

As for the MWC... the only team that has beat bsu recently is TCU.. and surprisingly that is the only other team that holds a chance at a bcs bid from the mwc...It wasn't too long ago in 2006 when bsu handed utah its ass on a platter at their own home...
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