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I wasn't in NO prior to Katrina; was Six Flags New Orleans a year-round theme park like those in LA and Orlando?

Coming from Chicago, I'm used to amusement parks being a seasonal thing, since the rides can't be operated safely in the winter.

If the park is open year-round, then it could become a significant tourist draw for New Orleans. Currently, the city suffers because it is not a family-friendly destination - the only tourists in New Orleans are those who want to eat in expensive restaurants and get themselves smashed afterwards, with perhaps a girlie show thrown in at some point. There are a lot of these tourists, granted, and there's nothing wrong with partying, but a whole other market exists that the city could tap into. The park, while it is within city limits, is about equidistant from the CBD as it is from Slidell, which might be a more attractive hotel location for families than the CBD/Quarter.

The fact that such a park would be independently operated is a good thing. Places like Universal Studios, Disney, and Busch Gardens tend to be tourist draws, while Six Flags parks do not, since they are a national chain. If Southern Star can advertise their park as something unique, then it could become quite a destination. I also like the job prospects that this park provides; we're talking hundreds or even thousands of new jobs, which can only be a good thing.
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