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A commenter on the Times Picayune website voiced my main concern - this building isn't in a prominent location. What does it say about New Orleans that our city hall is in some forgotten corner of the CBD, instead of its original location along a major street, where it faced a plaza with other governmental buildings in a unified and dignified Modern style?

Also, this vision of a huge green space is not a bad idea - there is precious little downtown green space, just a few forlorn plazas - but it seems awfully expensive. Where's that money gonna come from? It also seems like a waste to tear down the existing City Hall when such a park could be placed on the ocean of empty lots that already exists right across the street. The City Hall building has its problems, but a well-done renovation can solve all of them. The only reason the city hasn't renovated is because the modifications that the building needs would be a terrible burden upon the workers inside.

Also.. for the Super Bowl!
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