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Its not the architecture itself that I have a problem with, its the fact that it is in such disrepair. It would have been more accurate to have said that it is one of the worst eyesores in the city. I cringe every time I pass it because its so rundown. Same feeling I get when passing the texaco building on canal or dixie brewery, and I think dixie is an architectural gem but its in such shambles that it looks like it will collapse any day now. I wish there was a rendering of how the building will be renovated but I think it will be pretty basic with such a small budget. Anything is better than a blighted building in my opinion.

As far as the newer projects, I also like the direction the designs are going. Especially LCRC and 930 Poydras, which by the way is just starting to get its paneling on the first two levels of the parking garage. They are now on the
8th story and a new article is out saying that completion still expected by the end of the year.

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