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Originally Posted by The Dear Leader View Post
I'm happy about this. Germany's way too crowded anyway. A nation of our size (geographically) should only be home to about 50 million people. The less, the merrier.
Well, I agree that population growth is no worthwhile goal in itself. Most important is the quality of the children in terms of health, intelligence and education because that will largely determine their productivity later in life and their ability to uphold the living standard for the whole country.

In case of Germany though the people who are dying are largely from the middle class whereas more and more children are born into the lower class (currently already 40% nationwide). We therefore have a combination of two of the worst possible factors in Germany, low birthrate plus decreasing quality of children. The fertility rate of a middle class woman is 1.1 in Germany. For a lower class woman the fertility rate is 1.9. A perfect storm. Sad thing is that this development will also lead to an increase of the fertility rate in the future as the lower class will increase in proportion. If you look at the big cities, you can see that future of Germany. In Berlin 74% of all newborns come from lower class households and in Hamburg 68%. Within 1-2 generation we will therefore have French style fertility rates in Germany, simply because the middle class has died out. And by that time politicians will probably applaud themselves for having stopped the demographic decline. Sick.

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