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The new population figures for France and Germany have been released.

French report:
2007 demographic results : births still quite numerous
German report:
2007: Population decline expected
Here are a few findings from the reports.

Population on January 1, 2008:
- Germany: 82,210,000
- France: 64,473,140

In 2007 there were slightly more German births than in 2006 (but no World Cup baby boom as some had anticipated), and slightly less French births than in 2006 (but still quite a lot compared to the average of the past 30 years).

Live births in 2007:
- Germany: between 680,000 and 690,000
- France: 816,500

As a consequence the gap between German and French births was slightly smaller than in 2006, but nonetheless still quite significant.

French births minus German births:
- 2006: 157,564
- 2007: between 126,500 and 136,500

Finally, net migration in 2007 has increased a bit in Germany but is still quite low; in France it has decreased a bit (Sarkozy's tough enforcement of immigration policies must have something to do with it).

Net migration in 2007:
- Germany: between +35,000 and +45,000
- France: +71,000
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