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There arent many Turks living in Eastern Europe. Most Turks in Europe live in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria and France (excluding the European part of Turkey of course).

"The EU" can't be racist or tolerant because the EU is not an entity who can possess such attributes. Besides the EU is made up of 27 member states and in all of those states the general attitute on immigrants differs.

I don't know of any notable racial incidents against Turks in Germany, if they are so notable you should name them, but I suspect you are talking out of your ass again. Sure there are bound to be incidents seeing how large the Turkish community is in Germany, but nothing out of the "ordinary".

Turks are not seen as white, neither are they seen as mongeloid or black, because generally in Europe people are not classified that way. So Americans coming in here telling us that Turks are not considered white in Europe is laughable. Turks are Turks and Germans are Germans.

Also your distinction between light skinned and dark skinned is pointless. Most Turks could easily be mistaken for Greeks. There are other countries where there are a lot of people with "dark skin" like Spain, France, Portugal, Italy. Due to centuries of mixing, Northern Europeans could just as easily have darker skin. Sure, most Turks can be recognized as such, but not on their skin color. I assure you that most Turks are light skinned.
With your "somewhere in between" line you are finally hitting some truth, but how do you think people look like in other European countries? Not all Swedes are blond and blue eyes, not all Italians are dark haired.
But you wouldn't know because you probably never been here, right?
For some the coast signifies the end of their country and for some it signifies the beginning of the world...
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