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Originally Posted by SHiRO View Post
And I guess you are talking with some kind of authority here? Like actually being around Turks everyday?

I honestly question your motives of being in this thread also taking into account your deleted post.

And FYI, the vast mayority of Turks do look "white"...
To answer your question. Yes I have been around Turks alot.

Even though I am not Turkish. I have relatives of Armenian ancestry which is right next to Turkey. And I know that even among the Armenian community, many Armenians have faced discrimination. Culturally speaking Armenians are more accepted by Europeans then turks.

I am not even going into the whole racial classification issue.

That being said, I think the fact that the EU has given Turkey such a hard time says alot. I am not saying the EU is racist, but I know for a fact in Germany that Turks are defintly not considered white. "White looking" yes but thats about it. I bet if you talked to many of the Turks living in Eastern Europe you would know what I am talking about. There has been some rather noteworthy incidents of racial violence against Turks in Germany. Again I am not blaming the EU. I think the EU is tolerant as a whole. But it does not change the fact that the average European does not consider Turks to be white as you suggest SHIRO.

For every light skinned Turk you point to me, I can give you a dark skinned example. Turkey is a very diverse country, some turks are very asiatic looking, others look more European. But the vast majority are somewhere in between.

This thread is about the demographics of Europe. If you want to jump on someone, jump on Liat. He is the one who suggested that Europe should be mostly European. ;oP

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