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Originally Posted by MtnClimber View Post
I Agree. Even in the united states, even though turks are legally caucasian. I very highly doubt the "average" white man looks at a Turks the same as a white person of european ancestry, except for a few select locales.
Do Turks look at least Italianesque in look? The reason being is that I have witnessed that some Turks and Iranians totally look white, while others definitely have that Arab look.

Anyway, some give a shot in the dark hear; what is Europe demographically, focusing on the white percentage in this case anyway.
95%, 90%, 85% white or what. If Great Britain is 90% white then from just from limited common knowledge about France I would guess it is about 85% white and Germany about 90% like GB. Italy is probably 90% white and Spain I would guess at 80% white. Europe as a whole........ 90% white. Europe is the motherland for the European race, immigration is fine but to keep the continent intact it should never fall below 80% white for any reason.
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