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Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
you gotta be kidding me — skinny towers are a style among many and are great - and these look fantastic up close and at a distance. quality materials like nothing else. save the ire for the blando boxes and generic glass apt bldgs.
Yeah, that's great. But the opinion of a biased NY'er won't help us determine the real perception of these towers. Obviously cityboosterism plays a roll in people's opinions so we need a more unbiased look at what people find attractive and not. Let's see a global poll. I bet it will not be as favorable to these towers, because humans like what they know, and that is the usual skyscraper shapes. I for one don't mind these towers because the design is good and they are favorable to the street (not too overwhelming). Better than a big assed box, for sure. But I've seen so many negative comments on various publications and forums that I have my doubts if the average joe on the street does. I have talked to people IRL who didn't like them and I was surprised because they like innovative designs usually.

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