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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
And the Zillow home is probably worthless. It's in one of the least desirable parts of Detroit, next to a freeway, near a giant polluting incinerator, and surrounded by abandoned factories and bombed-out ghettohoods.
The Zillow home's Zillow listing specifically states it has fire damage and needs to be demolished.

As for me, yes, I would absolutely invest in Detroit. I would buy the very worst houses in the very worst neighborhoods, restore them faithfully and beautifully, and plant flowers in the front yards. My goal would be to instill a sense of menace and mystery: Who lives in that? What are they doing in there? My inspiration is a character in one of the Anita Blake novels of Laurell K. Hamilton -- one of the good ones back before her books just turned into out-and-out porn. The character was a powerful witch who lived in a bombed-out, gang-controlled neighborhood in St. Louis. Her house was surrounded by desolation... but also by red and white geraniums in the front yard, blood and bone, and everyone knew to leave her alone because anyone who crossed her ended up a component of one of the undead abominations that she kept in the basement.

So, yes. I need a place to stitch together undead abominations, magically reanimated, and consisting of up to ten individuals at a time, and nothing would be better than the last house on some windswept block in Detroit.

Plus flowers. There have to be flowers in the front yard. That's a crucial element.
"To sustain the life of a large, modern city in this cloying, clinging heat is an amazing achievement. It is no wonder that the and women in Greenville walk with a slow, dragging pride, as if they had taken up a challenge and intended to defy it without end." -- Rebecca West for The New Yorker, 1947
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