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Originally Posted by JManc View Post
There's not much you can do about this problem. Cats pose a far greater threat to birds than office buildings and they are widespread. Birds just need to avoid downtown and they're good. Cats are everywhere. I have cats but I would never let them wander around outside because they would murder every living thing in a 3 block radius.
But that's like saying mountains exist that people can fall off of, so why bother putting railings on balconies?

There are people trying to do something about this problem. Perhaps things can be incorporated into new designs to prevent it from happening in the future. It's not like you can communicate to migrating birds that they need to avoid cities because they are dangerous.

Good on you for keeping your cat inside. We do the same and have found our cat to be a proficient hunter of stuffed toys. Pass the word along and maybe more people will consider the situation.
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