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Originally Posted by exit2lef View Post
Sprouts is a moderately priced grocery store with an emphasis on fresh produce. I don't think it's too upscale or gourmet for Downtown. I do, however, think it's too suburban for Downtown. Sprouts may be locally based, but its headquarters is located in exurban CityNorth. While Sprouts stores are generally smaller than mainstream groceries like Safeway, the company does not have an urban format store in the way that Walmart and Target do. I haven't heard of an urban Fry's format, but if that exists, it's probably a strong candidate.
It is moderately priced. I was more referring to not wanting to see some off brand supermarket that has limited, overpriced products. Scottsdale was supposed to build the Fry's first "urban" store at Indian School and Miller to replace that raggedy store that's there now. Plans clearly either fell through or are on hold.

I'm pretty sure any grocer could modify their standard store design to fit an urban profile.

Originally Posted by HX_Guy View Post
Have you actually been to a Sprouts? It's pretty full on grocery store to me, pretty normal priced...maybe even discounted priced on produce, and has basically everything you could need.
I have. It is a grocery store that specializes in natural foods. It is not the place to go for basic groceries. There are plenty of basic items that you cannot find at Sprouts because it does not carry them. If I want a bag of Doritos or a case of soda, Sprouts is not the place to go. Sprouts specializes in meat, produce, seafood, and natural foods.
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