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Forgot about this one. The "Three20Apartments" on Capitol Hill, ever so slowly winding down construction till this day... Fall was so pretty.

DSC02771 by mSeattle, on Flickr

A few nights ago I snapped a shot of one of the sites under construction in South Lake Union. New, next to recently completed. Which may become recently completed, next to newer stuff.
Traditional downtown CBD in the background.

DSC04117 by mSeattle, on Flickr

A different one. Don't know what this is to be.

DSC04135 by mSeattle, on Flickr

January action on the old BMW site on Capitol Hill

BMW Capitol Hill by mSeattle, on Flickr

DSC03942 by mSeattle, on Flickr

DSC03945 by mSeattle, on Flickr

This is from a walk back in January on a tense night... I worked at a small independent postal shop on the ground floor of this building for a minute back in the 1990s.
This is 12th and Pike. Any leads on what's going in here?

Post Option I by mSeattle, on Flickr

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