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we built this city
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Originally Posted by counterfactual View Post
It's all not just NIMBY, but entirely and completely idiotic.

And clueless, because they're complaining and they don't even know the relatively recent history of their own neighborhood.

The nearby Coburg Coffee House was originally a (commercial) local pharmacy, called Fader's. And Needs itself was a small grocery store called Capital, where people in the community literally bought everything they needed.

Where did this NIMBY attitude come from? Clearly it wasn't there in the post-war period. Is it a Baby Boomer thing? I don't know.
Its definitely a baby boomer thing. They feel now their liberal streak is to be anti-development and protect their castles... well, too bad you guys fucked up the environment, etc... and now you're taking a stand against "traffic" and "development" when that generation created this mess back when they were in their 20s. Move aside, Halifax will develop for the better and it cannot be stopped.
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