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I wish I could say that I am shocked by some of the comments, but unfortunately they are par for the course.

This is in my general neighbourhood, and I am 100% supportive and plan to write in to voice my support. This is a spot that already has apartments above the store, and hence is already multi-unit, so it is not like it is replacing a single family home. In my view the Coburg corridor is ripe for low to mid-rise development that I hope would someday justify a streetcar type transit that went from downtown, up SGR and then up Coburg to Oxford (then on to HSC or something). Given the sheer number of students in the area I actually think that this would be a profitable enterprise (much like the #1 bus is).

I am particularly pissed when people in my area complain about how students will end up living in these apartments. The fact is that we live in an area near the university, and students are going to live there one way or the other. The best way to reduce the pressure on single family homes getting snapped up and converted to student slums is to provide more dense housing options for students… the comments for example that were made when the Lemarchant residence at Dal baffled me, when instead that is exactly what is needed to provide students a place to live while reducing pressure on family homes.
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