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^This was just an initiation. The comments were just letters/emails the planning department has amassed since rumours of the development have surfaced (we've had renderings for a long time on here).

Initiation Report - Public Comments are towards then end of the document

Here are some of my favourites;

"3. Garbage .... The container would be a magnet for mice, racoons, seagulls, an other vermins. This would bring them into the neighbourhood and create a nuisance and health dangers for nearby residents"

Okay this is just pure NIMBYism. For one mice and seagulls already live on every block in Halifax. Secondly presuming this person is correct about the building taking up 100% of the lot that makes the only place for the dumpster to be INSIDE the building therefore making seagull problems impossible! Also I don't know if racoons are in the neighbourhood right now but I am positive there are less than in the suburban and exurban areas.

"The proposal includes commercial space on the ground floor. This would be yet another violation of existing zoning regulations. ... it also generates crime as the existing Need's store has done."

I don't think this person realises the site is currently zoned RC-1 "Neighbourhood Commercial". This specifically allows grocery stores which Need's is. The new building will have very small commercial footprints. They will be less traffic generating and likely be more "neighbourhood" like (ie barber shop, salon, ect).

The Carlyle Residents Association is just laughable. They claim density and height as their main concerns. This is coming from a high-rise whose zoning can be claimed as out-of-place in such a neighbourhood.
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