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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
With all the talk of adding more population density on the peninsula, I wonder if taking a mid-sized convenience store out of the area is moving in the wrong direction. I haven't been in it since it became a Needs, but if memory serves this was once a small Capitol store (a grocery store for those of you who are too young to remember the pre-Superstore days), which would seem to be the way to go as density increases and more people shop on foot rather than by car.

This project doesn't look as though it allows enough commercial space to satisfy the needs (pardon the pun) of a growing neighborhood.
I remember when it was a grocery store; although I can't recall if it was a Capitol - that seems correct. I don't necessarily agree with Waye on this one - I don't think you can eliminate opportunity sites on prominent street corners when the surrounding context is well over 4 stories around it (including the university building and the adjacent apartment building). I don't believe that you can just paint all of the neigbourhoods outside of the identified corridors as a no go area, when you may have some development opportunities on these corners.

Obviously, if the surrounding context was more along the lines of 2 stories and there was no development around it - then that might be a different storey. But 5 stories isn't a huge step up when the university building next door is 4 stories? Maybe 5?
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