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That large tripodal structure is the skeleton of a spaceship landing pad. The track leading to it is for beacon lights.

Fascism, Communism, and Capitalism all come together here to create a United Nations-esque sanctioned world government... equipped with forced labor camps, Macy's, and maybe some elements from Star Trek. The theme of this city is all about world history working out a little bit different than it did in real life... but not totally different. Science fiction, if a bit of time travel is thrown into the pot, gives me the opportunity to "explain" some of those differences and give the story context. Agents from the future traveled back in time and influenced the key events which act as a backdrop for my world capitol. Why are there blimps in the sky? Because somebody went back in time and prevented the Hindenburg disaster... Etc.

...and Atlas-Victoria Mall introduces some retail elements to the city:

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