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I won't be surprised to see negativity, even a lot of it, about this proposal in other more conservative and traditionalist quarters, but I'm a little surprised by all the negativity here.

I think the design is certainly unusual, maybe even a little bizarre.

But then, it is also pretty creative and unique.

Indeed, some of the most famous and intriguing architecture in the world is not traditional, but is instead a little weird and different.

This building, as it stands, could easily see it on this List-- "New York's Top 10 Best New Buildings of the Decade":

The slanted facade is a little much, and I think the accordion component should be toned down, but really, I think the design, with some tweaking, could be a real eye catcher.

It could be something that people literally travel to the downtown core to see, residents and tourists included.

Seriously, look at some of those award winning designs in NY and tell me again why there is so much facepalming here?

Can't we be a little different for a change?
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