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In my opinion, this proposal has a lot of potential. I think that it just needs to be tweaked.

After all, the TD tower expansion project by the same owner/developer looked bad in the initial design renderings (just remember its slanted glass roof and bland all-glass exterior). However, now most people seem to like the new TD tower design.

Regarding the 22nd Commerce Square proposal, I think the north facing tower looks very good. But the cantilevered southern tower with the slanted glass panes section is too much. Maybe they can remove the slanted glass detail, make the cantilevered section stand out less (for example, have an impressive column in one corner and do something with the sharp interior, underlying corner).

The cantilevered southern tower is in the foreground below:

However, even the cantilevered southern tower looks good from this view (in my opinion). I think the cantilevered section just looks too awkward.

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