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Copes - and thanks all.

And I agree Quebec has spectacular videos. David (I think) shared one of Quebec City at Christmas that I posted to my FB, despite having no connection to the city, ha! Just wanted to share it with my friends.

My favourite restaurant in St. John's is Wendy's. Kidding. Mama Soula's is great. The Celtic Hearth. Greensleeves and O'Reilly's offer the George Street atmosphere while you dine. We also have a crapload of VERY famous, VERY expensive restaurants. Raymond's is the most popular - winning just about every "Best in Canada" award going right now. I, unfortunately, have never been.

Best pubs... the Grapevine if you want to chat/socialize, Underbelly if you want a great sidewalk location. Lots on George Street, like Greensleeves, have awesome patios. St. John's is extremely tolerant of the gay lifestyle, if you are. We were one of the very first cities in Canada to have a gay club and, even back in the 60s and 70s, many restaurants and clubs had an unofficial but openly gay table or section. So you don't have to segregate yourself that way.

If you do prefer a gay club, Velvet is the main one, awesome clientelle, awesome DJ.

Must-see attractions...

View St. John's from Signal Hill. Walk in the Old Town residential areas. Visit Cape Spear. Visit Petty Harbour. Take a whale-watching/icerberg/bird-watching boat tour out of Bay Bulls. Visit Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove, particularly Middle Cove Beach, at night. Half of St. John's will be there with beach bonfires. It is spectacularly cool.

If you're interested in history/heritage, be sure to see the Veiled Virgin statue and check out all of the exhibits, especially the one about Newfoundland's independent past, at The Rooms.

The Ship Inn is a great pub for live music, always the best up-and-coming local bands.

For an outsider perspective, PM Ayeronaut. He's from Calgary and is here for school. He'd have very valuable advice for you as a result.

And, it goes without saying, and if you're comfortable, join us in the SSP section if you're really coming and let us know. We'll arrange a get-together in your honour, show you around, etc.
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