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Not sure if this is fully back on topic since this proposal is dead, however, I'm really curious to see what Magellan has in mind for the rest of this development. Will they try for one more signature type tower or will they be satisfied with Aqua and have the rest be generally infill (hopefully quality at least like the Coast). I just remember around the height of the boom there were rumors of 1 or 2 supertalls they wanted to put right on the lake. Funny how ambitious development was at that time compared to now.

I guess I'm just hoping they try one more time for a 800+ ft building in this development to make the area super dense and I think a lakefront site would be perfect for that. Only time will tell but it's a heck of a lot better than a driving range.

Also, the most saddening part of this being dead IMO is how it addressed the LSD vista. Thought that could have been something real special, hopefully if they are "committed" to bringing quality architecture to the site still as some1 mentioned they still address that.