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Originally Posted by WilliamTheArtist View Post
From what I can tell, doesn't look to be very pedestrian friendly. You would think that would be important in NYC.
The entire Hudson Yards area is actually designed to be extra pedestrian friendly.

Originally Posted by spyguy View Post
Rendering without all the other stuff
Very nice. It's ironic how all of these west side towers we have seen the last few years are shown in renderings alone, but in reality that will be far from the case. Still, you can see that it's an impressive tower in it's own right standing alone.

Originally Posted by 1Boston View Post
I like this design, except in the visual house renderings, the only part i dont like is the bottom of the tower, it doesn't really seem to match it at all.
I think the office portion of the tower is meant to stand out. But overall, the bottom of the tower (opposite side) matches the top. It will be interesting to see how the design is refined.
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