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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Chinese skyscraper construction has little to do with population or congestion.

Most Chinese skyscrapers aren't built in a traditional urban format, anyways. They're usually in Pudong-style planned zones, with suburban-style formats. A place like Paris has far higher density, without highrises.

And Chinese population is projected to decline significantly over the long-term, so I don't think it's accurate to say that skyscraper construction serves future growth needs.
They do, because population overall is the factor that is fueling their economic growth and the reason why there is so much investment in China - labor, market size, etc. So, indirectly, these speculative towers are the result of population. Chinese cities are still growing also Ever hear of rural-urban migration?

Chinese are planning taller towers for image and practical means. They know that their cities are crammed and there is little room to sprawl, so they are planning for the future by building tall towers that satisfy their need for prestige and for reducing the need to build office towers all over the place. They also like low density CBD's due to cultural factors.
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