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Yeah, hopefully not here as well! Considering how many retail tenants they've got in there, it would be pretty stupid to mess with the base of One Penn Plaza. There used to be a funny pic on the building's website, where due to the distortion of the camera lens used to take it, One Penn Plaza's base looked freaking HUGE! I wanted to photoshop it, with a thought bubble emerging from One Penn's crown- "Does this picture make my base look big?"

And I hear you about Two Penn Plaza- that one was designed by a different architect, I wonder if it at least shared the same developer as One Penn? And why was it named Two Penn Plaza, when it was actually the first one finished? With a different facade design, Two Penn might really have had something going on. Oh Well. One Penn's definitely the handsome one of the pair I need to upload the pics I got from the top of the Empire State Building- I cranked up the zoom, and you can totally see somebody walking on the roof!
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