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OK, help me out here. I've been digging like crazy and can't find much of ANYTHING written about One Penn Plaza. Even the AIA guide to NYC and New York 1960 have not a single word to say about it, even though it's one of the largest office complexes in Manhattan, and due to the fact it's got some elbow room between it and the other skyscrapers in the area, it tends to stand out.

I can't even find any writing from architecture critics of the time, which is surprising. They ran their mouths (and typing fingers) about every other major building of the period, even if it was just to talk smack.

I find it hard to believe that such a major building near such a contentious site (penn station) was just completely ignored. What did Harry Helmsley do, throw an invisibility shroud around the thing or something? (that would explain its early crummy occupancy rates, lol!) Was there really NOTHING written about this building between then and now, or am I missing something somewhere?
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