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Originally Posted by marvelfannumber1 View Post
It was mainly because they thought more about office space than historic buildings. The reason they let this happen is explained in this quote "
The two-years-old Landmarks Preservation Commission proved inadequate to the task of saving the tower;
as Alan Burnham, executive director of the commission, explained: ‘If the building were made a landmark, we would have to find a buyer for it or the city would have to acquire it. The city is not wealthy and the commission doesn’t have a big enough staff to be a real-estate broker for a skyscraper’”

and i found a picture of the demolition
Wow.. I'm so glad I happened onto this thread as I too have always loved this building and always gawk at it in old movies set in NY.

I was 11 years old when the building was demolished. Wasn't it demolished over a weekend - as preservationists were mobilizing it to save it?

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