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Originally Posted by UTPlanner View Post
I think that you can "have your cake and eat it too." Companies that are seeking suburban offices are looking for just that. Those companies, generally, have no desire to be located in an urban office. Good examples are technology companies that have always preferred a campus, suburban style office. Other companies will be looking for the opposite. Banking, finance, and legal companies are often looking for urban settings.

There is a demand and will continue to be a demand for both. We certainly cannot expect that the entire Wasatch Front will be employed in SLC.
There are many Tech companies that have offices in urban cores. I don't know why you would say that technology companies have always preferred campuses. I think that is a generalization. Those companies that are environmentally aware will likely be located in urban cores. As society becomes more aware of the impacts of unsustainable infrastructure on the environment (our life-blood), the sub-urban locations will likely become undesirable. the Salt Lake Valley has more than enough suburban office parks as it is. And yes, we can expect many along the wasatch front to work in the urban core now that we are focussing more on mass transit, a cleaner, more social, and more efficient way to move people around.
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