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Originally Posted by Domo Arigato View Post
Miami must have flat roofs on the towers because of aviation laws in south florida. I don't know why, but there must be an area covering at least 300 square feet at the top of any structure built above 300 feet high that is not a radio tower or antenna of some type. NewAtlantisMiami, please be careful that was not prudent. Marcus Aurelius is now dead. Shalom. Boohiggy. Crack smoking whores. Commodus is not a moral man.

TP for my bunghole?

I don't understand why this is a big deal. 300 sq ft is smaller than 18 ft x 18 ft - shit my office is bigger than that. At a thousand feet up you could still meet the 300 sq ft requirement and it would look like a sharp point from the ground.
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