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Originally Posted by siunate2324 View Post
I've taken some of your past posts in this thread and tried to apply as much as I really can at my stage. I just founded a real estate club on campus for students so I'm hoping that will help for grad school/jobs with a good leadership item for my resume. This is should be a good chance for me to maybe land an internship because I'll be dealing with many local brokers, RE law firms, etc. on a personal level. Also planning a trip to STL to hopefully have our group talk to a handful of development companies around there and try and gain as much knowledge from that as possible.

Also have you heard anything about ULI (Urban Land Institute). I think I'm going to join for year and see how that is along with getting my license after I graduate.
Sounds like you've gotten a good start. Are you going to school in Chicago?

I've read a lot of the reports/research that comes out of ULI. The do good work. Could be a good place to check for internships as well.

Also from my grad school research I tended to notice mostly the value of a degree. I really really wanted to get an MRED degree cuz its so real estate related and I'm still looking into applying for a couple even though I need to focus on graduating this year. But also I've heard from credible people that a MBA focusing on RE AND finance would be excellent, and obviously the better the university the greater the value. Plus like I said earlier you walk away with more flexibility as well. I really would prefer DePaul or UW Madison (GPA aint getting me into NW).
I think you might find that grad programs aren't as focused on GPA as you fear. The MUCH more important factor to grad programs is your resume. You could have graduated with a 2.0 from a community college and get into University of Chicago if you are the CEO of a $50 million company you built from scratch. That's why building your resume by doing things like starting a real estate club is so important.

Also, I think you'll find that UW Madison is just as picky as NW, especially for their business programs as they have a similarly selective program to NW. Madison and NW have two of the finest Real Estate MBA programs around.
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