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@ Simms3_Redux:

Thank You so much for that information. That Definitely helps bring some clarity to what a Developer is. I would have never known that it was that small, although just from my own little research I was beginning to figure it would be something like that.

Just judging from your observations it looks like I won't be able to make it in that field . I did absolutely terrible in high school, went to a community college, and now to a public university. And on top of that, I'm African American.

I'm still considering Finance & Project Management as my majors and Urban Design as a minor. I was hoping that by working on a team, that I would have a slightly better advantage of getting into this field rather than trying to stick it out on my own........................... It looks like I'm back to square one trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Question: It seems like your input has more to do with large skyscraper type developments. Do you have any info you might be able to add about just regular apartment/mixed-use developments? I know participating in the creation of skyscraper would be nothing more than a fantasy for me, but is it just as intense to get on a development team that deals with small developments?
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