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Ok so I have a different perspective to add to this thread. I'm currently a sophomore at Cleveland State University (Obviously in Cleveland, Ohio). My major is engineering but while I like my major, I don't want to do it for the rest of my life. I want to help make my city a better place to live and in the process, make money by rehabbing the many beautiful homes and warehouses scattered throughout the city. Now I kinda have an idea on where to start but I need another opinion. I would be going into business with my roommate (He's an accounting major which is good because I don't like to deal with that type of stuff.) I'm aware that to be able to take on the big warehouse-loft rehabs, I need to start small, homes and neighbor storefronts. Now let me present the pros and cons I've identified in this situation. I'll start with the bad.

Cleveland continues to lose population
The real estate market in general is not very strong here
Investors still do not have a lot of confidence in this city
Still a somewhat negativity towards the city (beginning to change)
We are young (both 20 years old)

The job market is beginning to boom here again, and the job selection has finally diversified
The real estate is CHEAP!! very cheap!
UNIQUE apartments, lofts, and homes are really popular right now.
Cleveland finally has a few urban neighborhoods to work with now. (Never been like this before)
I feel I have a very good concept of what works in Cleveland and what doesn't. I know this place like the back of my hand.
The real money makers are going to be the warehouse loft conversions. Those are the most popular form of urban living in the area hands down, and if anyone knows Cleveland somewhat, there is a glut of absolutley stunning buildings just begging for a new life.

Let me hear your guy's opinions. Am I crazy, or am I on to something here? I feel that this city is really starting to pick up and anyone who has a little bit of pride and intelligence can make a difference and some money
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