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From everyone who I have talked to it seems like the business route is the way to go. This is why I chose to go down the finance w/ a minor in accounting road. The overall skills learned in these classes hopefully will provide enough value to help me get that first job. However, I dont believe it is enough to get directly into real estate dev. which is why I reaaaally wanna to attend grad school specializing in real estate.

So does anybody have any ideas/opinions on real estate development grad programs, I know that the MRED is more project related and I could also continue down the finance path and work on the financing of projects (kinda boring to us). Been recommended UW-Madison highly too.

Finally, I hope with this recent trend in Chicago projects is good timing and maybe I can swing a summer internship on a development to help me get field experience needed for grad school. I've talked to a couple bigger developers and they also told me, surprisingly, that being a broker for a couple years is a great to start, make contacts, learn your trait and selling abilities, etc.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially in regards to grad programs as I am senior looking to graduate in May I beginning to search much more intensely.
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