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Some projects in this city don't appear in news stories and some never share renderings. I try to find these projects and any renderings or site plans, so this thread (along with WSTB) will have projects and renderings not seen elsewhere.

Low Line is being developed by Wexford Science + Technology. It will provide sidewalk access for pedestrians and cyclists to second floor restaurant/retail spaces in the surrounding Bailey Power Plant buildings and access to a glass art feature. You can also look down on people eating/drinking outside in The Coal Pit or look down on concerts/events there. Alternative rock band Fuel will have an outdoor concert at The Coal Pit in roughly two or three weeks? These rail lines are how Norfolk & Western (now Norfolk Southern) railway brought coal to the power plant. It's labeled Low Line or Lowline on developer documents and renderings of it are labeled Low Line or Lowline. I also can't seem to find any news stories on it, just renderings and my collection of construction-related documents.

Inside The Coal Pit, it's elevated on concrete structures and it connects to the second floors, so the name seems unusual. I think this elevated rail walkway is called Low Line due to being at street-level mid-block on Fourth and Fifth Streets, but you look down on it from Chestnut Street and look up at it from Patterson Avenue. It takes advantage of Winston-Salem's rough terrain. There is also a High Line, by the same developer, a block or two to the east that is fully elevated through downtown's IQ District and at a higher elevation than this path.

I tried searching for Low Line and Lowline along with Bailey Power Plant, the developer names for the path, and the names of surrounding buildings, and the names of surrounding structures that will use the path to access their second floors. All results are renderings only.

I found this massive rendering, showing the building under construction from The Coal Pit, with the Low Line shown from underneath, on the left side. You'll see it's on the IQ District server (Innovation Quarter) and has Lowline-Retail-View as the name. Other sites, such as Loop, also have renderings named Lowline used to help lease retail space along the path. I'm guessing it's actually called Lowline, as you wrote it?

You can see the photograph's name and how the Lowline connects to second floor restaurant/retail spaces:

Two renderings from developer Front Street Capital (developer of the office building under construction in the photographs), showing the Low Line and how it's used to access retail spaces in surrounding buildings. It also shows the art glass feature.
Originally Posted by Front Street Capital

Please tell me they will repair the spalling on the concrete support structures. I'm guessing this will be salted in the winter and should be sealed, too.
My Diagram.
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