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If some people think it's egregious that Ontario highways don't have non-Ontario cities as control cities for the most part I wonder what you would think of the signs on the I-80 that direct you to "Canada via exit 53" such as the one around Buffalo. Poor granny might think she's within a half hour of Tuktoyaktuk when she's actually about ten days away. Highway 17 in northwestern Ontario needs to be twinned for the sole reason that it's a death trap! I had to make the drive to Thunder Bay in 2007 and north of the Soo Highway 17 is about the world's worst road you want to be contending with after dark. Never again would I do it and I'm somewhat surprised I managed to live through that horrible highway. The fact that the control city on Highway 17 northwest of Sault Ste Marie is the metropolis of Wawa some 500 kms away is the first sign road conditions ain't gonna be improving. Once you're past Wawa/Michipicoten and you're cruising along the northern shores of Superior it only gets worse. You know a highway is bad when the police stop you for the sole reason that you're driving and suggest you spend the night in a parking lot in the next town. The OPP stopped me in the middle of nowhere in North Western Ontario and suggested I spend the night parked in Nipigon because of visibility after dark.

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