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Originally Posted by Spocket View Post
Vancouver most definitely has a major freeway running through it so I'm not sure where that comment comes from .
Look at a map, it just cuts through a tiny corner of Vancouver. Besides the original contention was "that does not have a freeway to serve 'local' traffic". This tiny stretch of the TCH most certainly does not serve local Vancouver Traffic.

Anyway, here's some pictures of some highways I have taken over the last few years:

Highway 1 at Rogers Pass BC

Highway 1 near Spuzzum BC

Highway 1 at Hell's Gate BC

Highway 97 crossing the William R. Bennett Bridge at Kelowna BC

Highway 7 near Harrison Mills BC

Secondary Highway 866 near Boyne Lake AB

Highway 63 near Ft McMurray AB

Highway 32 near Peers AB

Highway 1 near Calgary AB
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