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Im living in Crimson Place next year so that is kind of depressing since everything you need is close by but takes forever to get there. I would love it if the downtown area started building businesses that would interest me.
My aunt is a long-time resident of Cedar Crest, and used to walk everywhere.
Walking across 15th to the restaurants, or on over to the mall was no big deal years ago. Now, with all the lanes and congestion, there's no way she'd consider it.

I keep hoping downtown will get something rolling in the retail sector. There really is a ton of developable space just sitting there (Cityfest lot, Tuscaloosa Chevrolet lot on the river, Fire Station #1, block where Paramount development would've gone, block where 2300 Bryant Drive development would've gone, Corps of Engineers' acreage on the river, etc), easily accessible by interstate and close to the university campus.
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