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All phallic/priapic references and supply/demand arguments aside, this tower is sensational.

That said, I get almost clinically nauseated when I see/hear stories of one American city after another looking for something like this and can actually pull it off either get cold feet at the eleventh hour when offered the opportunity, or not even take the dare at all.

Any perceived notion--such as mine--that architecture critics here in the States look somewhat more than askance at most examples of Asian supertall design--and are essentially given carte blanche for begging the question on their assertions--doesn't do us any favors.

In short, just as the necessity for a cross-Long Island Sound tunnel/bridge will have to come to fruition inevitably despite NIMBY yammering (do a Wiki on NY route 135) or continued interstate bickering, such will be the case for a 2000(>)'-er in a major American metro area.

And when it does (I don't care where, although the Apple would most likely be ready to host one), I wanna see something that'll give this tower some drop-dead serious competition.

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