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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
I was just going to say: Go to Schwartz's in Montreal!
I've always braced myself for the lineup but I have never experienced it first-hand. I guess I've gone at odd times. It's one of the places that is famous because it's good and worth going to.

La Banquise gets similar notoriety but I don't find it stands out as much compared to what you can get in other places (also worth noting that I've never gone there sober -- does anybody?). This may not be politically correct to admit but I'm not that into poutine in general.

Everybody I know who's gotten a table at Joe Beef or Au Pied de Cochon has liked them but I never managed to get a reservation.

Some Vancouver suggestions:

Cheap places - Lin, Shaolin Noodle House, Peaceful Restaurant, Baoguette, Saravanaa Bhavan (has changed now, not sure how good it is), Foundation, Sal y Limon...

Others- La Taqueria, Vij's, Via Tevere, Red Wagon, Biercraft, Peckinpah, Green Lettuce, Marutama Ramen, Fable. I kinda like De Dutch too (it was the Cora analogue before they started opening up around here). The Eatery is fun as a gimmicky tourist type spot. Pidgin and Wildebeest were pretty good.

Halifax suggestions: I went to Edna last time and thought it was good. They had a lot of local stuff that's worth trying if you're visiting. I've never been to a pricier (~$25+/plate) place in Halifax that hasn't been pretty solid. Halifax has a lot of Middle Eastern places; a lot of pizza places are Lebanese and sell Lebanese food. Mezza has a slightly up-market version of this food. I used to like the Turkish places too but they have changed (one of the new ones on Dresden Row is called Efendy). I also bring back pepperoni from Brothers Deli on Agricola Street from my visits. The farmers' market is good too.
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