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Originally Posted by Beedok View Post
I can usually only afford fast food.

In any given city there are a ton of fantastic, cheap restaurants, so unless you're just concerned with convenience there's really no excuse to have to go out to fast food chains.

Even if you're just getting a burger or a slice of pizza there are inevitably going to be way better places than McDonalds or Pizza Pizza in the same price range. And if you're that broke that you can literally only afford fast probably shouldn't be eating out anywhere anyway.

Some of my favourites in that "cheap n' cheerful" category in (central) Toronto - the type where you can get a great meal for $10:

New Treasure - best dim sum in town, complete with requisite plastic tablecloths, flourescent lighting, and dingy basement location.

Kabul Express - Afghan with the all charming ambiance of a Tim Hortons.

Tiffin Box - Top-notch Indian food served on cafeteria trays.

Banjara - Indian in an old donut shop.

Sam's Philly Steaks - Philly cheese steaks!

Also, places that I can't make any snarky comments about:

King of Chicken, Pho Hung, Pho Tien Thanh, Pho Linh, Golden Turtle, Salad King, Nazareth, Gandhi Roti, Bacchus, Gordo Ex, El Fogon, Jumbo Empanadas

And some not-so-cheap places to add to niwell's excellent list: (some of these are kind of obvious, but...)

Sabai Sabai, Khao San Road, Amaya, The Host, Zucca, Momofuku, Electric Mud BBQ
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