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With the global shutdown and my entire industry being annihilated (tourism) and classes being over until September, I have started painting for the first time in my life. My first piece right now is a realism style painting of the Jupiter System. I have also re-started running every day for the first time since high school, and working out more than usual again which is nice. I’ve also been more creative with my cooking, finding new ways of making an old timey recipe with more simple ingredients. Oh and I’ve bought a few books. And cleaning... lots and lots of cleaning.

As I’m sure many of you have noticed in my posts I’ve also been doing a lottt more photo walks around the city as well.

I am considering taking a summer class or two, using a bit of my CESB money towards that, and getting a quantitative research requirement out of the way before my last year starts (I hate quantitative). It’d be a nice way to get my ass back in gear before the full blown semester starts in September. However, considering this is my first break from classes since July 2018, I am not sure if I want to possibly ruin my summer with a quantitative class. Tough decisions.
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